woman in 40s looking slightly upwards and thoughtfully

Take a deep breath and ask yourself some questions

What are your circumstances – is it about practical things or about how you are feeling?

Is it that you are old ? Worried about your health?

Feeling anxious because you do not know what the future holds for you? Or is it that you have the same concerns for someone else?

What is important to you, what are your priorities, both now and in the future?

What kind of care would you like?

Are you concerned about being a burden to others?

Do you wish to get some of the practical issues sorted out such as making a will?

Do you want to know who will make decisions for you if you are not able to?

Do you want somebody to talk to?

Are you finding it difficult to talk to your family and have a conversation with them?

This website is your ‘compass’ to help you navigate these issues and find direction. In it you will find answers to these questions and plan for the rest of your life. It has important links to other websites which will have information that will be relevant to you and help. Remember it is what matters to you that is important, this should be your guiding star.

You are most welcome to come to our workshops where we will be able to help you more directly.


Even if you are clear in your own mind now of what it is important to you, it is vital to share these plans with other people in case you are unable to tell them when the time comes either because your memory is not so good or you are physically unable to. You need to talk to your family and carers then leave instructions where everybody concerned knows where they are. If doing this proves to be difficult then Chiltern Compass can offer advice.

My End of Life Plan

An easy-to-use, concise paperback workbook for £7.00.

This book will help you crystallise your thoughts. Remember you can always change your mind!