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There is a range of support and information on offer from discussing financial arrangements to providing blue badges for parking. Sources of information include local councils, your GP, solicitors and charities. Please see the sections below.

Your GP and the primary care team are pivotal to advising and arranging practical help for you to stay in your home at the end of your life. They will advise particularly on advance health and welfare directives.

Speak with them to get access to general advice including pain management programmes or a referral to palliative care.  Your GP may also be able to refer to your county council for help with home adaptations (stability bars; hoists).

It is vital that they know your wishes and they should have a copy of your instructions to keep with their records of your care.

There are allowances and benefits that may be available depending on your circumstances. These are available through the UK government and their website has comprehensive information.  For example, there is a carers allowance which is assessed and paid according to need. It is paid to the person needing care to be used to meet any additional costs.  There are also other payments and benefits available. Read more information on all benefits.

Your GP may be able to refer to your county council for help with home adaptations (stability bars; hoists). The local authority may be able to help with meals; laundry; home adaptation. Bucks County Council services link.

Many conditions have specific organisations and groups with information and forums which will address the issues and needs related to that condition. Diabetes, stroke care, dementia and Parkinson’s disease are an examples of many others. It can prove an understanding source of support and advice.

Increasingly they too are addressing the issues of end of life concerning their members and may be able to offer disease specific advice.

Remember that blue badges may also be issued temporarily in case of illness and restricted mobility, not just by age or disability.

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The Red Cross or Age UK may be able to loan mobility aids (wheelchairs; Backrests; Bath seats; Walking sticks and frames; Commodes; Bedpans; Urinals) for short term use for a donation.  They may be able to deliver for a small fee.
They may also be able to help with information or products for home adaptations such as stability bars & hoists.

Age UK’s website is full of valuable information and well worth a visit in its own right.

Age UK Buckinghamshire

Local Red Cross

Please refer to ‘Instructions and plans’ to consider what legal documents you may wish to put in place with regard to your health and welfare and any other administrative issues that you want to officially record and whether you want this to be completed with the help of a solicitor or a responsible charitable organisation who can offer legal help. If in doubt contact them.

Local hospices provide information and support and practical help for end of life care, respite care and caring in your own home and will be able to discuss pain management programmes. Set up to help only with cancer many of them are advising and helping with the end stages of other chronic conditions. It is possible to get a referral through your medical professional.  For further and more general information, please see Hospice UK

The Compassion in Dying website has a lot of practical resources and templates.