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Nicola Husbands, Chair of the Trustees, talks briefly about how Chiltern Compass can help you in these uncertain times.

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We are living in unprecedented times. The unique Coronavirus is having an enormous impact on the way we live at the moment. Being socially isolated, particularly if we live alone, breeds worry and anxiety in us all. Unfortunately for a few this will also cause unnecessary fear and panic, particularly if we do not have anybody to share our worries with. The situation is not always helped by what we read and see in the media. The hope on the horizon is the work that the scientists are doing in creating tests to identify and manage the pandemic and to create vaccines to prevent us catching the virus. Then, if we do get infected and have a severe illness, hopefully they will expand current treatments and so have a  major impact on the outcomes saving lives and allowing us to get back to a normal life in time.

It is important to keep matters in perspective. Most of us will not even know we have been infected. Even if we have risk factors and we socially isolate, the chances of somebody getting significant illness from Covid19 are small. If we are fit and well then, they are even less. It is important to remain fit by eating well, taking regular exercise within the restrictions, not smoking or drinking too much alcohol and talking to somebody everyday if you can.

Whatever, all of this will bring to mind the finiteness of life and the risks we take even in normal times and balance those against the risks we are taking now. Being prepared mentally and physically and being in charge of your life goes a long way to help manage the fears and worries that you may have. Chiltern Compass is here to help with these problems. This website contains a lot of useful information to guide you, please browse and explore. If you do have further worries and need help in working them through please do not hesitate to get in touch with us below.

Why it’s Good to Talk

These BBC articles are encouraging us to talk about End of Life issues :

These videos are two in a series of six by Dr Justin Amery titled – Let’s Talk about Dying from Coronavirus; Planning Ahead to get the Care that you want

 Talking about Death and Dying

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Planning ahead to get the Care I want

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Finding a Good Place to Talk

Finding a place to talk about End of Life issues can be difficult and even more so in these times of Lock down.
Death Cafes are being hosted virtually to enable people to connect and talk together.

Death cafes report surge of interest since Covid-19 outbreak


Practical Matters

Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

You should not be put off making a will or LPA due to the pandemic. It is still possible to do so with appropriate social distancing.  “Legal Firms …have reported dramatic increase in enquiries about wills”
General advice about the importance of writing your will and a Lasting Power of Attorney is available on our website here.
Advice about how you might do so during the current pandemic can be found here.

Covid19 and Living with Terminal Illness/Caring/Hospice care

This can be a worrying time for those needing end of life care, and for those caring for them. Support and advice is available here:
End of Life Care During the Coronavirus by Marie Curie
Caring for your dying relative at home with Covid19 by Hospice UK

Covid 19, Bereavement and Funerals

Normal rules have changed somewhat as a result of the pandemic. Here’s what’s happening locally to support you.

Practical Advice
Registering a death | Buckinghamshire County Council
Coronavirus and funerals by Chiltern Crematorium
Arranging a funeral – Coronavirus advice by Age UK

Emotional Support
Coronavirus: dealing with bereavement and grief by Cruse Bereavement Care

Get In Touch

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