Who are we?

Chiltern Compass is community-orientated and aims to meet the needs of all ethnic groups and beliefs in preparation for end of life. It is a charitable incorporated company based in Amersham and Chesham, serving much of the Chilterns.

Chiltern Compass networks with other organisations involved in end of life care to provide as comprehensive advisory service as possible.

The team are a group of active and retired healthcare professionals and spiritual leaders. They have recognised the need to address the issues in helping others in preparation for dying and organ donation. Other volunteers support Chiltern Compass at events and promoting our objectives.

What do we do?

Chiltern Compass’ main aim is to encourage people to consider and talk through the issues, both practical and emotional, concerning the end of their lives. Talking with others often helps reduce the stress and fear – we are all facing the same issues.

How do we do this?

  • Organising workshops to provide a supportive and safe environment for people to discuss their worries and start planning.
  • Visiting community organisations and societies to talk and encourage them to understand the issues and how to support each other.
  • Doing presentations for professional and caring groups to help them communicate and address end of life issues for those they care for.
  • Provide booklets and manuals as a frame work to guide people through the practicalities of preparing for the end of life.

Meet the team

Chiltern Compass was created by a group of volunteers, working and retired social, spiritual and healthcare professionals. Their aim was to get people thinking and talking about and then preparing for end of life, either theirs, a family member’s or a friend. In so doing releasing themselves to live their lives more fully.

Tim Barnard
Tim is a former lawyer who retrained as a priest and is now working at St Mary’s Church, Old Amersham.
Neil Cooper
Neil is an active and busy GP and senior partner of the Water Meadow Surgery in Chesham.
Chris Foote
Chris is a retired physician and geriatrician who worked in South Bucks for many years
Nicola Husbands
Nicola is a former practice manager of a local GP surgery who now works for the Royal College of GPs as well as being the busy mother of teen aged children.
Bryn Neal
Bryn is a retired GP from Rectory Meadow Surgery, Amersham. He has been a Trustee of a number of Charities, including the Child Bereavement Charity and the King’s Church Amersham.