Life is a gift, precious, to be savoured and enjoyed

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Chiltern Compass aims to support the local community in talking about dying and end of life planning. We’re based in Amersham and Chesham, offering support across the Chilterns.

It’s easy to put off planning for later life, and many people find it daunting or fearful. Talking about dying does not bring it any closer, but taking practical steps can help alleviate feelings of burden and uncertainty and allow you to live life more fully. We can help provide a direction that suits you.

One of the most loving things you can do

Having that conversation can be one of the most loving things you can do for those close to you.

Dr Jo Withers is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and volunteers with Virtual Doctors.
Watch her TED talk on YouTube – ‘We Need to Talk about Dying’.

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Talking about dying frees you to live life in the present and to the full. Enjoying the sights and experiences along the path you travel. A burden is lifted, your vision is clearer, your love more intense.

Where and how do I start?

This website is your ‘compass’ to help you navigate these issues and find direction. In it you will find answers to these questions and plan for the rest of your life. It has important links to other websites which will have information that will be relevant to you and help. Remember it is what matters to you that is important, this should be your guiding star

Take a deep breath and ask yourself some questions – see our guidance questions

You are most welcome to come to our workshops where we will be able to help you more directly.

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